Superbly beautiful roses grown in the Central Highlands of Victoria

These are garden roses that have been nurtured in the rich soils of this elevated region. Their essential moisture comes from deep underground and they are grown with organic principles and no pesticides in fields open to the sun and rain.All of them are fragrant, the intensity of which ranges from deliciously strong to naturally soft. Many are English David Austin roses, others are Australian. There are also French varieties from Delbard and Guillot. Many are traditional and so old, their origins go back centuries to Europe and China.

Our roses are a romantic choice for bridal flowers from late September to late May. They are utterly traditional, yet they are adaptable and work beautifully in modern interpretations. We are able, also, to supply fresh rose petals seasonally and dried rose confetti all year round.

Please view the roses, then contact us to discuss your preferences, ordering and delivery. Your roses will be picked in the cool of the evening, settled in water overnight, then delivered to you or your florist the following day.